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Surface photos from a dive trip with Northern Explorers to Svalbard in June of 2014. Started in Longyearbyen, in Isfjord, and headed up as far as Ny Ålesund before returning to our origin. Mostly a collection of wildlife photos with a bit of landscape and shipboard activity.
Longyearbyen - Industrial Center and Coalcar Switching StationSkydancer at DockLongyearbyen Disappearing to the SternMountain and BirdNavigationWalrus ColonyBarnacle Goose in FlightBuncha Cold MountainsBreaking Through the CloudsKing Eider in FlightWalrus on IceWalrus Rising!WalrusWalrus - Face FirstBlack Guillemot on ApproachBlack Guillemot SplashdownBlack GuillemotSome Eider or OtherPolar Bear and CubPolar Bear in Profile

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