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Small selection of underwater photos from a tiny section of Sermilik in summer of 2017.

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Keywords:amphipod, arctic, cold water, coldwater, coral, east greenland, fish, greenland, invertebrate, nudibranch, prawn, scorpion fish, scorpionfish, shrimp, tube worm, tubeworm, underwater, worm

Eye of the ScorpionfishGreenland Summer 2017 - Underwater-2Shrimp in ProfileNight Dive Amphipod CritterShrimp Eating FishNudibranchShrimpPrawnGreenland Summer 2017 - Underwater-9Arctic CoralGreenland Summer 2017 - Underwater-11ShrimpfaceDos CameronesPrawnWorms 'n StuffTube Worms and Corals